Nongsa Village - Membership

A Membership for Nongsa Luxury
You can enjoy all the luxury and charm of the Nongsa Village Club by becoming our privileged members for designated periods.

Types of Membership:

Ordinary Member
This type of membership is for guests who want exclusive use of a villa for an indefinite period. Ordinary Members have the right to modify their villa’s interiors according to their taste and preferences. Exterior renovations are possible, but are subject to several rules and conditions, foremost of which is whether the renovations complement the resort’s overall quality and ambience. Ordinary Members also have a say in Club operations. They vote for representatives to the General Committee, which manages the common areas of the Club.

Term Member
This membership is for those who want to stay in a villa for a specified number of months or years. It’s perfect for people working in Batam or Singapore, who prefer to reside in a laid back, resort-style community than in a busy area full of apartments or suburban houses.

The villas that members can choose from are the complete serviced apartments or the semi-furnished, where you can bring your own furniture, towels, etc.

Guest Member
This membership is designed for those whose stay ranges from one night to a week or two. The Guest Villas include everything you would expect from a good hotel — Think suite at the mere price of a hotel room. The only difference is that you get an entire two-bedroom villa all to yourself or your family. We clean the units everyday, and we can also help you arrange activities and provide transportation to and from destinations at a minimal fee.

Contact us to know more about these wonderful opportunities of living in a restful, charming setting. Make guest reservations online and for other membership classes contact us at our Singapore Sales Office.